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Garden Window Installation

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Adding a Garden Window to your home can bring a little greenhouse feel while not having to worry about sunlight as the window allows as much sunshine as possible!

There are also major Advantages you can benefit from owning a garden window like

  • adding aesthetic and style to your home
  • Better lighting and view of your backyard or driveway
  • Grow your own fresh ingredients for cooking and herbal remedies purposes

A Garden Window is  perfect addition for a sunny area in the home or where all of your plants can be beautifully placed

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We love Our New Garden Window, Great Job Seacoast

You and your crew did a great job giving us exactly what we were looking for at a terrific price. Thank you for your professionalism and your courtesy.  We are very pleased and we would recommend you highly to anyone.
Jim and Ellen

4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Fall

At last, fall is right around the corner and that means that you will finally be able to give your air conditioner a break. This year New England has definitely received its fair share of heat waves and it is right about time for a break. With the fall coming up it is a perfect time to start thinking about replacing your windows.

The seasons are changing, thinking about replacing your windows becomes a benefit as energy efficiency is an important factor to think about to keep you and your family warm when it gets cold without having to turn up the furnace at least temporarily.

Energy Efficiency is a pertinent influence to replacing your windows due to the fact that winter is coming and it is a cost effective way of taking care of keeping the heat inside. You may not need to fully replace your window and may opt for a better solution such as repairing your current windows by getting them insulated.

If your home was built before the 1980s, the safety of your family is a reason you should replace your windows. Many homes in the 1970s were painted with lead including windows which causes a hazard to families with small children, who may be subject to getting lead poisoning chewing on small particles causing harm to the organs. But children aren’t the only ones who can suffer, the dust it creates spreads into the air which you and your family breathe in causing harm over time. So it is important to replace your windows for the safety of the individuals in your home.

On the subject of safety,  a very important concern is having windows that do not open. This is an issue that should be taken care of right away. Safety protocol requires windows to be able to open in case of a fire. Windows allow smoke to leave the home and having windows that won’t open poses a serious health risk to your family and yourself.

Another reason is that you may enjoy changing the look of your current window style. While most of the time windows get replaced due to necessity, giving your space a makeover might be a good idea. There are many styles to choose from to go with whatever decor your home currently has.

Deciding to replace your windows is a huge decision and assessing your needs with an affordable price is what we do here at seacoast window guys.

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