3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows This Winter

Finally, you have saved up enough money to pay for that down payment on your dream home. When you purchase an old home, the environment and ambiance of the house could look great, but the windows are often overlooked. In the time of the winter, the drafty windows might make your room temperature decrease significantly and thus, the thermostat needs to be turned up. If you are considering changes to your windows, you should contact Seacoast Replacement Windows.

Here are the top 3 signs that you need to replace your windows this winter:


As the temperature in New Hampshire drops below 30 degrees, if you walk by a window and feel you shiver, you probably need to replace them. Don’t be surprised that even the best windows do wear out after time and the windows may have warped due to exposure causing the frames to become loose. Thus, the air is allowed to get through.

Increasing Energy Costs:

If your energy bill is steadily increasing, you might need to check on your windows because they are not energy efficient. Older windows that have single panes or warped will not be very effective in blocking hot air or cold air coming in. Replacing those windows with new efficient windows will help you lower heating and cooling costs.

Foggy Windows:

When you have a foggy window, it is because there is condensation. It only happens if your window is a single pane window or the seal of your double or triple pane window has failed. It should be replaced immediately.





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