3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows This Winter

Finally, you have saved up enough money to pay for that down payment on your dream home. When you purchase an old home, the environment and ambiance of the house could look great, but the windows are often overlooked. In the time of the winter, the drafty windows might make your room temperature decrease significantly and thus, the thermostat needs to be turned up. If you are considering changes to your windows, you should contact Seacoast Replacement Windows.

Here are the top 3 signs that you need to replace your windows this winter:


As the temperature in New Hampshire drops below 30 degrees, if you walk by a window and feel you shiver, you probably need to replace them. Don’t be surprised that even the best windows do wear out after time and the windows may have warped due to exposure causing the frames to become loose. Thus, the air is allowed to get through.

Increasing Energy Costs:

If your energy bill is steadily increasing, you might need to check on your windows because they are not energy efficient. Older windows that have single panes or warped will not be very effective in blocking hot air or cold air coming in. Replacing those windows with new efficient windows will help you lower heating and cooling costs.

Foggy Windows:

When you have a foggy window, it is because there is condensation. It only happens if your window is a single pane window or the seal of your double or triple pane window has failed. It should be replaced immediately.





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Double Hung VS Casement, Which One Should I Use?

It is the end of October, leaves are falling, and many New Englanders are wondering when is the first snowfall. However, we have a warm autumn thus far and it is not too late to replace your windows. There are many window options to choose from and many new homeowners are pondering what style of window do I want to replace my window with. Double hungs and casements are popular options among residents of New Hampshire and we will explain the key differences in this post to make your decision a little easier.

A big difference in double hung and casement is that double hung windows have screens on the outside of the window and casement windows have screens on the inside.

Double hung windows have a meeting rail in the center of the window that could block your view of the outdoors. Casement windows offer a clear view of the outdoors. Both will have screens that can blur your view but they are made so clear that you feel as though you are a part of it. The replacement cost for both is very similar, it could be impacted by the material used and glass type. The location could also be important, for example, casement windows are preferred if you are placing them in the kitchen.



Energy efficiency is also another factor to consider on. Double hungs with the top and bottom sashes can limit air infiltration. Casement windows will have a tighter seal than double hungs and the tighter they are, the more energy efficient. Both options are excellent for ventilation when opened.

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Why You Need to Open Your Windows in Autumn

It’s finally autumn, after such a long summer, the temperature around New England has cooled down a bit. However, it is important to keep your windows open and enjoy the fresh air flowing through your home. However, your windows may not open as easy as it used to be because of the rain and heat throughout the summer. So, replacement windows may be the solution you are looking for.

People today spend 90% of their time indoors, whether you are sleeping or working in an office. Although you can’t be outside all day, yet you can at least open your windows so that the fresh air is always around you. It is also very important to have good air quality in your home, air pollutants, toxins, and allergens can build up very quickly in your home. Replace your windows, so you can easily open your windows and let the fresh air flow in.

If your windows are always closed, your home will start to smell. By opening your windows, the natural breeze will help your home smell better. The fresh air will draw out any toxins or any other bacteria that have accumulated in your home.

So replace your windows today by contacting Seacoast Replacement Windows. We will help you replace any windows that are hard to open. We are proud to serve Haverhill, Methuen, Merrimac, and other areas in Greater Seacoast.




3 Reasons Why It Is Important to Maintain Your Window Screens

At Seacoast Replacement Windows, we know how important it is to have sturdy and long-lasting screens in the Greater Plaistow area. The screens are crucial in keeping mosquitos and wasps from coming into your house when you open your windows in the summer. They also stop flies flying into your kitchen. Preventing pests from entering your home is only one of the reasons why you should maintain your window screens, here are a few more reasons to pay attention to.

Increases Curb Appeal. According to the Zillow April 2017 Market Report, “the national median home value has passed its bubble-era peak. None of the country’s top 35 metro areas saw a drop in home values.” With the real estate market getting hotter, a homeowner might be tempted to sell a home and a real estate agent might suggest a replacement of all your screens. Real estate agents know that well maintained and clean screens will make a good impression to potential home buyers. If the dirty or damaged screens are displayed, it might lead to potential buyers wonder, where else is damaged in the house.

Heat Loss. As an experienced window installation contractor in New Hampshire and North Shore Massachusetts, we know that in order to reduce heat loss, the coating on the glass, the argon or krypton gas between each glass pane, and the insulation in the window frames all work together. In addition to that, your screens help too. The screens will prevent any pests getting and damage your frames.

Damage From the Weather. Screens help keep out rainwater and reduce the amount of rain continually pounding your window. It also lowers the chance of mold developing because mold can appear with a small amount of moisture.

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Why Double Hung Windows Become Drafty

Spring is finally here in Plaistow, NH and the New England area. After a long winter, many homeowners are now considering replacing their windows. There are many reasons for replacing your windows and one of the biggest reason is because their window has become drafty. Having a fully sealed window means a lower energy bill and a cozier room. So, it’s highly recommended to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Why Double Hung Windows Become Drafty in New Hampshire

All windows might become drafty with time but some windows are more vulnerable due to circumstances like the type of windows, weather, and weatherstripping. If you have single pane windows instead of double panes, then it is highly recommended to switch to double hungs or even triple hungs to stop your windows being drafty. Another reason is the sashes can shrink and wear out with time, and cold air come in around the frame. Also, the gaskets, caulk, and weatherstripping can wear out and crack with time, thus the window cannot close completely.

How to Fix Your Drafty Windows Short Term

In order tighten up old, drafty windows immediately, you can install weatherstripping by removing any cracked weatherstripping. Then, cut the plastic rope to the proper length and place it to both sashes. Another fix is to seal off drafts with shrink film. If you are not going to open your windows during the winter, you can cover them with plastic sheeting placed wit double-sided tape. The film will shrink and act as a buffer against drafts when warmed with a hair dryer.

Long Term Solution to Fix Drafty Windows

When you have the time and finance to fix your drafty window permanently, it is highly recommended to replace it with a new one that uses modern frame materials and can be conveniently cleaned.

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4 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

4 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows in New Hampshire

Winter is almost over and spring is coming and that means the temperature is rising. If you have recently replaced your windows, then your energy bill should be low and your home was warm the whole winter. However, for those homes that haven’t replaced their old windows, it is likely it inflicted a large increase in your energy bill. Although replacing your windows could be expensive, yet think of it as a long-term investment. So, here are some signs that you should get a window replacement.

  • High Energy Bill. The bill has increased significantly in the past months and you have already done other repairs and insulations in your house
  • Drafty Windows. If you feel a constant cold breeze in your home during the winter, it is time to replace them
  • Single-Pane Windows. The glass of the window should slightly cold when touched, however, if you have a single-pane window, it will feel extremely cold compared to a double-pane.
  • Window Falling Apart. If your window has reached the point where repairs are not possible, a replacement should be installed immediately.

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Replacing Your Condominium Windows

Residential windows typically have a service life of about 40 years, however, it may need a replacement if it became drafty or broken.

Why do You Need to Replace Your Windows in Your Condominium

There are numerous reasons why do you need to replace your windows in your condo, it could be energy use, aesthetics, or leaks. For example, if you currently have a double hung window, you may want to switch to a casement or even expand it into a bay or bow window. Also, if you have a window from the 1960s and 70s, it is highly recommended to replace it. These windows are often built with single pane instead of the double or triple pane today. The single pane windows are often drafty and cause a huge increase in your energy bill. By replacing a drafty window, you can reduce your bill by 10-20%.

Vinyl or Aluminum Windows for Your Condominium?

Most modern window frames are available in vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl windows are mostly used in residential buildings such as single houses or townhouses because it has the ability to prevent heat flow, and thus gains their popularity by preventing heat loss in the cold New England weather. However, they are limited to their sizes. On the other hand, condos use aluminum windows because of its durability and also allow a large span while keeping its aesthetics look.

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3 Important Things to Think About When Replacing a Window for Your Home


It’s finally 2017!!! Many people have visited their friends, family, and relatives’ houses during the holiday seasons. When you see the new, warm, and insulated windows and doors in their homes, you might be tempted to replace your windows at home. In addition to that, you would want to impress your friends and family when they come over for parties and gatherings for holidays during the year. People tend to overlook the importance of windows, but they are often the focal point in a house. Not only it is a pane of glass that protects your home from the notorious New Hampshire weather, but it is also the first few things that people notice when they walk by a house.

Here are a few things to think about when replacing a window in a home…


Where Will the Window Be In?

It is important to know where you are placing the new replacement window in. This matters in terms of how much exposure to the sun the room receives. For example, you might want a bay window in the kitchen to make it sunny, warm, and bright while you might simply choose a double hung for your room upstairs in the house trying to get some breeze.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire. In the long winter months, energy efficiency windows can save you thousands of dollars. Since New Hampshire homeowners would like to keep heat and warmth inside their room, the energy efficient windows will keep the warm air in and cold air out to reduce your heating bill.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is always a factor when considering replacement windows. Seacoast Replacement Windows only offers low maintenance and maintenance free windows to residents of the Seacoast Region.

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Replace or Repair Your Windows

Windows have the ability to brighten our homes, in addition, to providing warmth and ventilation to our rooms. However, if you have windows that are broken or damaged, your utility bills tend to increase significantly. Many homeowners have the dilemma of choosing between repairing their windows or completely replacing them. Although it makes sense to repair them for less money, yet, there are many benefits of replacement your windows.

Add Home Value

For average-quality vinyl windows, most homeowners can recoup 85% of the project cost in added value. Based on a study done by ISoldMyHouse.com, a $10,000 spending on new windows can increase an asking price about $8500 on a house. So, let’s say that you ended up not selling your house, you still get the windows of your dreams and increase your curb appeal.

Lower Your Utility Bill

A house may lose about 30% of its heating energy through its windows. By replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows, it could save you $126-465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. This is effective especially when your windows are at least 15 years old and it is drafty. The initial investment of a window replacement may be higher but in the long term, it will be worth it when you pay much less for your utility bills.



If your windows were installed before 1977, there is a very high chance that the window was painted with a lead-based paint. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the older the homes, the more likely to contain lead-based paint.

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3 Advantages of Casement Windows

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. It is hinged at the side. Casement is opened either with a crank and lever.

Here are 3 advantages of casement windows: 

1. Fully Open Window

You have the opportunity to open the entire window compared to the half window offered by double hung and sliding windows. It is also a huge advantage compared to fixed windows which never open.

2. Side Breeze

If there is not much space between your house and your neighbor’s, then installing casement windows make sense. In general, there is not much breeze from that side, however, casement windows allow the wind to scoop more wind than any other windows could.

3. Difficult to Break Into

Casement windows specially designed their locks into  hook shapes and they are embedded within the frame, turning into almost impenetrable.