How to Choose The Right Window For the Cold Climate

As many New England Residents have already noticed, autumn has arrived. The mornings are a little cooler, the nights chilly, and you know it’s getting cold with the draft you feel from your windows. If this is your current situation, it may be time to replace those drafty windows and get new ones. The question then becomes how do I choose what is the right window for the climate I am in?

Identify what window selections are best for colder climates

For colder climates, it is important to remember that the key is to keep the heat in. For this reason, getting windows that are well insulated and energy efficient is the goal. It is no good having drafty windows, letting the cold air in, while you are overpaying on the heat. We recommend choosing windows made out of the following framing materials, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. These materials are known well for their strength, eco-friendliness, and durability. Windows made out of this materials are well insulated and cost effective you get what you want without having to break the bank.

We also recommend getting double or triple paned windows. Installing only one paned window will not guard as effectively as a double paned window which also provides much more insulation. Our Window Experts at Seacoast Window Guys can walk you through the whole process, making it a breeze to shop for new windows for the chilly weather approaching.

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