Replace or Repair Your Windows

Windows have the ability to brighten our homes, in addition, to providing warmth and ventilation to our rooms. However, if you have windows that are broken or damaged, your utility bills tend to increase significantly. Many homeowners have the dilemma of choosing between repairing their windows or completely replacing them. Although it makes sense to repair them for less money, yet, there are many benefits of replacement your windows.

Add Home Value

For average-quality vinyl windows, most homeowners can recoup 85% of the project cost in added value. Based on a study done by, a $10,000 spending on new windows can increase an asking price about $8500 on a house. So, let’s say that you ended up not selling your house, you still get the windows of your dreams and increase your curb appeal.

Lower Your Utility Bill

A house may lose about 30% of its heating energy through its windows. By replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows, it could save you $126-465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. This is effective especially when your windows are at least 15 years old and it is drafty. The initial investment of a window replacement may be higher but in the long term, it will be worth it when you pay much less for your utility bills.



If your windows were installed before 1977, there is a very high chance that the window was painted with a lead-based paint. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the older the homes, the more likely to contain lead-based paint.

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