Replacing Your Condominium Windows

Residential windows typically have a service life of about 40 years, however, it may need a replacement if it became drafty or broken.

Why do You Need to Replace Your Windows in Your Condominium

There are numerous reasons why do you need to replace your windows in your condo, it could be energy use, aesthetics, or leaks. For example, if you currently have a double hung window, you may want to switch to a casement or even expand it into a bay or bow window. Also, if you have a window from the 1960s and 70s, it is highly recommended to replace it. These windows are often built with single pane instead of the double or triple pane today. The single pane windows are often drafty and cause a huge increase in your energy bill. By replacing a drafty window, you can reduce your bill by 10-20%.

Vinyl or Aluminum Windows for Your Condominium?

Most modern window frames are available in vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl windows are mostly used in residential buildings such as single houses or townhouses because it has the ability to prevent heat flow, and thus gains their popularity by preventing heat loss in the cold New England weather. However, they are limited to their sizes. On the other hand, condos use aluminum windows because of its durability and also allow a large span while keeping its aesthetics look.

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