4 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

4 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows in New Hampshire

Winter is almost over and spring is coming and that means the temperature is rising. If you have recently replaced your windows, then your energy bill should be low and your home was warm the whole winter. However, for those homes that haven’t replaced their old windows, it is likely it inflicted a large increase in your energy bill. Although replacing your windows could be expensive, yet think of it as a long-term investment. So, here are some signs that you should get a window replacement.

  • High Energy Bill. The bill has increased significantly in the past months and you have already done other repairs and insulations in your house
  • Drafty Windows. If you feel a constant cold breeze in your home during the winter, it is time to replace them
  • Single-Pane Windows. The glass of the window should slightly cold when touched, however, if you have a single-pane window, it will feel extremely cold compared to a double-pane.
  • Window Falling Apart. If your window has reached the point where repairs are not possible, a replacement should be installed immediately.

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