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Double Hung VS Casement, Which One Should I Use?

It is the end of October, leaves are falling, and many New Englanders are wondering when is the first snowfall. However, we have a warm autumn thus far and it is not too late to replace your windows. There are many window options to choose from and many new homeowners are pondering what style of window do I want to replace my window with. Double hungs and casements are popular options among residents of New Hampshire and we will explain the key differences in this post to make your decision a little easier.

A big difference in double hung and casement is that double hung windows have screens on the outside of the window and casement windows have screens on the inside.

Double hung windows have a meeting rail in the center of the window that could block your view of the outdoors. Casement windows offer a clear view of the outdoors. Both will have screens that can blur your view but they are made so clear that you feel as though you are a part of it. The replacement cost for both is very similar, it could be impacted by the material used and glass type. The location could also be important, for example, casement windows are preferred if you are placing them in the kitchen.



Energy efficiency is also another factor to consider on. Double hungs with the top and bottom sashes can limit air infiltration. Casement windows will have a tighter seal than double hungs and the tighter they are, the more energy efficient. Both options are excellent for ventilation when opened.

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