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Why Double Hung Windows Become Drafty

Spring is finally here in Plaistow, NH and the New England area. After a long winter, many homeowners are now considering replacing their windows. There are many reasons for replacing your windows and one of the biggest reason is because their window has become drafty. Having a fully sealed window means a lower energy bill and a cozier room. So, it’s highly recommended to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Why Double Hung Windows Become Drafty in New Hampshire

All windows might become drafty with time but some windows are more vulnerable due to circumstances like the type of windows, weather, and weatherstripping. If you have single pane windows instead of double panes, then it is highly recommended to switch to double hungs or even triple hungs to stop your windows being drafty. Another reason is the sashes can shrink and wear out with time, and cold air come in around the frame. Also, the gaskets, caulk, and weatherstripping can wear out and crack with time, thus the window cannot close completely.

How to Fix Your Drafty Windows Short Term

In order tighten up old, drafty windows immediately, you can install weatherstripping by removing any cracked weatherstripping. Then, cut the plastic rope to the proper length and place it to both sashes. Another fix is to seal off drafts with shrink film. If you are not going to open your windows during the winter, you can cover them with plastic sheeting placed wit double-sided tape. The film will shrink and act as a buffer against drafts when warmed with a hair dryer.

Long Term Solution to Fix Drafty Windows

When you have the time and finance to fix your drafty window permanently, it is highly recommended to replace it with a new one that uses modern frame materials and can be conveniently cleaned.

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